2010 42nd annual Hangtown Motocross Classic results

Chad Reed takes victory at Hangtown

On Saturday the Prairie City SVRA Park hosted the 42nd annual Hangtown Motocross Classic, the first race of the 2010 American Motocross Association (AMA) season. California at the Rockstar Energy Hangtown Classic.

Chad Reed defended his 2009 title by taking the 1-3 result, just bettering the 4-1 of KTM’s Mike Alessi. The fresh Supercross champ, Ryan Dungey, faltered out of the 450 MX gate with a lackluster 10-6 result.

The 450cc races are an adrenaline surge for spectators and riders alike with the thumping heavyweights roaring over the track using their raw power to overcome obstacles. In the first moto Reed, last year’s third-place finisher, took the holeshot and kept his throttle open to lead for the rest of the race.

David Milsaps kept Reed in sight but had to fend off Mike Alessi (2009 winner) and Josh Grant for most of the race. In the last lap Milsaps made what he termed “a rookie mistake” getting squashed into a soft section of the track and losing just enough momentum to lose a place and end up finishing third after Grant.

In second 450 moto Alessi took an early lead with Milsaps trailing behind, but Reed struggled early and even in lap four he was not even riding in the top-10. First and second place were in control but the battle was on for third through fifth with challenges occurring in the corners and on the jumps. Reed finally found his rhythm and started gaining ground on the leaders, moving into fourth with just a few laps to go.

Mike Alessi

On the last lap Reed passed Brett Metcalfe going into turn 27 and pushed through to a third place finish in the moto. The determined comeback, combined with his comfortable win in the first moto, were enough to give him the best overall time and a first-place finish to start his AMA season.

With a tongue in cheek style Reed stated, “I was a little under the weather coming into today, but to finish like this, well, it was a pretty good day.

The first moto of the 250cc class highlighted the difference between the heavier bikes and these smaller more agile rides. These riders dive into turns and literally leap out of them leaving rooster-tails of dirt clods in their wake, and are generally handlebar-to-handlebar with other riders.

From the start Trey Canard (2009 second place) took the lead only to lose it to Christophe Pourcell (2009 winner) on the first lap. Canard spent most of the rest of the first seven laps fighting off Tommy Searle before losing the battle and also getting passed by hard -charging Tomac. Pourcell earned his “superman” nickname by surging ahead to a dominating win while the rest of the pack fought back and forth for the remainder of the race. Searle and Tomac finished the moto in second and third, respectively.

The second moto started with a horrendous crash going into the first turn when Drew Gosselaar got entangled with Christopher Johnson and he and his motorcycle cartwheeled into the corner. Both riders were taken for medical evaluation. The restart went smoother and William Hahn took the early lead over Tomac and Canard.

As clouds moved in over the sun and the wind began kicking up, the race also had its share of stormy battles and crashes. Eventually Tomac would separate himself from the pack and win the moto while Canard held on for second and Pourcel mounted a late charge to secure third.

Tomac, in his first professional race placed first overall and Pourcel and Canard joined him on the podium in second and third. Tomac took the win with poise.

In the 250 class rookie Eli Tomac took the overall win in his first-ever professional Motocross national. Tomac just nipped the East Coast Supercross champ Christophe Pourcel. Both riders tallied first- and third-place finishes, but Tomac benefited by being the victor of the second and final moto.

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