The 2010 Aprilia MXV 450 Dirt Bike

The 2010 Aprilla MXV

Aprilia has said this is the most revolutionary engine design of recent times in the tough, competitive world of motocross.

The latest standard bearer for Aprilia’s off-road design concept is the MXV 450. With its compact V twin engine, the Aprilia MXV 450 is the crosser for riders determined to win.

Its clear-cut lines tell you at a glance that you can expect light weight and fantastic build quality. Aprilia’s designers have made full use of the style emblems that define all Aprilia motorcycles to launch a brand new look in motocross motorcycles.


The 45.2 engine has already accumulated titles and victories in enduro and supermotard racing. Now the same engine has become the heart of the new MXV 450, the first motocross bike in the world to be powered by a twin cylinder engine.

In this dedicated motocross version, the 45.2 engine maintains the unique configuration that has distinguished it from the start. The V angle remains 77°, and the cylinders with wet liners remain integrated in the crankcase. The extremely rational arrangement of the engine’s accessories has made the Aprilia V2 engine one of the most compact V twins in the world, smaller than many singles of similar displacement.

The fundamental innovation of the MXV 450 lies in the availability of two performance levels, made possible by two timing settings and designed to satisfy all possible power delivery needs. The factory default setting is “Big Bang”. The second “Screamer” setting offers more regular firing.

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Get out and ride the MXV 450 from Aprilia

The strong point of the “Big Bang” setting is the exceptional ride ability it confers on the bike. With Big Bang active, the firing gap between the two cylinders is closed up to produce the excellent performance so typical of a twin while also guaranteeing easier control and better traction, two features that riders are bound to appreciate over slippery surfaces.

The “Screamer” setting requires a minor modification to the engine and a new mapping. With Screamer active, the firing gap is the standard gap for a 77° V twin. “Screamer” delivers the maximum engine performance suitable for expert riders.

The sophisticated electronic engine management system also introduces a number of motocross firsts. The Dell’Orto fuel injection system with 38 mm throttle bodies is managed by a programmable ECU that lets you switch between two different mappings at the touch of a button on the handlebars.

The “full power” mapping is for use in conditions of good grip while the “soft” mapping delivers smoother power for use on more difficult surfaces. One click is all that it takes to obtain exactly the performance level you need.

Important opportunities are afforded by the Service and Programming system.

In conjunction with the programming cable supplied with the bike, dedicated software allows you to:

  • load mapping updates (available from the website) into the ECU;
  • calibrate the “end of line” setting of the throttle position sensor (TPS);
  • within permitted limits, adjust carburation and timing to align engine characteristics with your own riding style.

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