The 2010 Blata Origami B1 Mini Motorcycle from

The Blata Origami B1 is at the forefront of mini bike racing technology. Like its little brother the Blata Elite 14, this is no ordinary mini bike.

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39.8cc 5-Port Water Cooled Single Cylinder

The Blata Origami B1 has been built from the ground up by Blata’s Italian racing engineers to be the Ferrari Enzo of the mini bike world.

Its hand-built engine generates an astonishing 16.2 horsepower and 7 lb-ft. of torque to blast riders down straightaways at up to 75+ mph.

Displacing 39.8 cc this engine is smaller, lighter, and thanks to its Dell’Orto carburetor, also more powerful than the big 50cc engines available on some mini bikes.

To round out its unique power plant it has a radiator cooling system, upgraded clutch with a Teflon-coated bell, and a beautifully sculpted high flow racing exhaust.

Every carefully crafted part on the Origami B1 attests to the quality and performance that the Blata brand is known for. The larger three piece frame has a cast steel-composite core and high tensile steel tubing front and rear. The front fork has also been reinforced with cast steel-composite clamps. Allowing a better riding position, this bigger frame makes all the difference during longer rides.

The Origami B1 is a piece of art, with fiberglass body panels that also make it more aerodynamicthan the Elite 14 by covering the bottom of the engine compartment and the rear wheel.

To keep things under control it comes with 6.3″ front and 4.7″ rear slotted disc brakes mated to light alloy wheels and wrapped in 10″ PMT T41 racing slicks. With the Origami B1 consistently dominating races on the local and international level, there is no better choice for the discerning mini bike rider.

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