2010 Buell Lightning XB12Scg

With a lower seat and lowered suspension, this nasty brawler takes the streetfighter motorcycles to a whole new level while the  performance is reaching to new heights. With a low center of gravity and the raw, minimalist styling that separates the Lightning lineup from the pack – the Lightning® XB12Scg puts you as close to the road as you’ll ever want to be.

Buell XB 12-Scg, Buell Motorcycles

Buell XB 12-Scg

The buell Lightning has an Air/oil/fan-cooled 1203cc Thunderstorm® V-Twin that has enough Horsepower and Torque to be called Lightning! The Peformance of this nasty machine with Horsepower and Torque are: 103 HP / 84 ft. lbs, the Dry weight of this motorcycle is 395 lbs.

The frame of the Buell XB12Sc is made from Aluminum and has a five speed manual Transmission.The Thunderstorm engine’s unrelenting powerband pumps out 85% of the 1203cc engine’s 84 ft/lbs. of torque at just over 2500 RPM.

With all that grunt on tap, it’s easy to see why this motor is a favorite among riders, year in and year out. You get broad, smooth power and rock-solid dependability with hardly any maintenance at all.  With its 52-inch wheelbase, the Buell Lightning® XB12Scg handles with surgical precision.

The rigid chassis keeps you stable and confident through the turns, while the 21-degree rake and 3.3-inch trail improves agility.The fully adjustable 41 mm Showa® inverted fork features a high-performance damping cartridge that lets you adjust the setup for any situation.  Whether it’s at the track or the ride home, you can optimize the suspension for excellent feedback and razor-sharp handling.

Proven through multiple wins in AMA Pro Racing, the Buell Zero Torsional Load (ZTL-2™) front brake utilizes a 4-pad, 8-piston caliper and single 375 mm rotor. The caliper casting was optimized for clamp stiffness, yielding a more progressive and connected braking feel to the rider. New for 2010, the flycut ZTL-2™ logo adds a trick look to the caliper. The rim-mounted design eliminates the need for load-bearing spokes or even a second disc, resulting in a front-end assembly that is significantly lighter than competitive designs.

Exhaust cans are heavy and hot. It doesn’t make sense to hang them up high and off the back of the bike and close to the rider. There underslung exhaust – a Buell staple since 1985 – concentrates the weight underneath the chassis to provide greater Mass Centralization. The result is a clean, uncluttered look, improved flickability and superior handling. It also features a large-volume muffler tuned to produce a linear horsepower and torque curve.

Fuel Economy:
US MPG (City): 48, US MPG (Combined): N/A, US MPG (Hwy): 65

Seat Height (mm): 726, Seat Material: Vinyl, Seat Type: One-Piece

Other Specs:
Fuel Capacity (gal): 3.8

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