The 2010 Distinctly Bimota 7 Motorcycle

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Features the 1098 Testastretta engine

The DB7 Motorcycle – Distinctly Bimota

The objective in the development of Bimota’s newest Superbike was to create a motorcycle that is light and powerful with superior road manners, while remaining distinctly Bimota in style and attitude.

Furthermore, the new Bimota was to be as capable on the track as it is on the street.

With so many Superbike manufacturers, there are also many advanced and extremely capable motorcycles. So for Bimota, simply being fast and race inspired is not enough, a Bimota must offer something more, much more.

The DB7 looks like no other Superbike, never to be mistaken for another brand. With the team colours of red, white and black applied to the carbon fiber body shaped by the pen and hands of designer Enrico Borghesan, the Bimota family DNA is clear to see.

This Superbike dares true motorcyclists to get close and indulge in its details. The beauty and drama of the DB7 at a distance is surpassed only by its detail. Each and every assembly, fastener and chassis component is elegantly fashioned and manufactured with care using advanced materials. From billet machined sub-frames, footrests and control levers to the structural carbon fiber tail section and titanium silencer, no compromise was ever considered nor made. The details are simply spectacular.

Light, powerful and only the best!

Whether used for road or track, a sport bike’s lightweight represents a big advantage and the 2010 Bimota DB7 leads the way. The rear section of the bike is crafted from structural carbon fiber, eliminating the need for a sub-frame. The weight-saving advantage of carbon fiber is also exploited for all fairing sections, fenders, chain guards and instrument supports.

Further savings come from the titanium silencer, new ultra-light Bimota wheels plus machined aluminium frame plates, controls and chain adjusters. The DB7’s road manners are inspiring and confident thanks to the choice of superior materials, suspension, brakes, frame, wheels and controls. Utilizing the best components from development partners such as Brembo, Marzocchi and ExtremeTech, combined with Bimota’s own ultra-light wheels and frame, thrilling and track-proven performance is ensured.

Bimota chose to power the 2010 Bimota DB7 with the spectacular World Superbike dominating Ducati Testastretta Evoluzione engine. Ducati, a partner of Bimota from the beginning, has developed the Testastretta into the world’s most powerful production twincylinder, while retaining all the advantages of the L-Twin configuration. It’s a perfect match to the Bimota formula and guarantees excitement with every twist of the throttle.

Handcrafted sport motorcycles are the only thing that Bimota creates, and they are its singular motivation. The 2010 Bimota DB7 is the manifestation of the pride, dreams and talent of Bimota.

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