The 2010 Honda Fury “Furious” (Hardtail Chopper) Concept Motorcycle

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Honda: Starting with 2010 Honda VT1300’s 3 young designers from Honda Reseach & Development Americas located in Southern Calinfornia were given the opportunity to build customs based on where their visions would take the Fury, Stateline & Sabre.

The designers were given free reign within a limited budget and 2 requirements, full on runners, and stay true to the core of the production vehicle.

Another reality was that the designers had only 3 months to realize their builds from start to finish. The Furious (Chopper), Switchblade (ProDrag) and Slammer (Bagger) debuted at the December 17th 2010 Long Beach, CA International Motorcycle show and will continue on the nationwide tour through 2011.

Based on the 2010 Fury, Nick Renner (Honda R&D Americas) introduces “Furious”, a bold blend of new and old school flavor.  Pounding the street with a 23 inch wheel up front and a 20 on the rear, Furious makes no apologies.

A 45 degree rake and converted hard tail create a clean, pure statement that is simply chopper.  Metal flake, variegated leafing, and diamond stitched seat contrast with the five spoke crushers and Fury tank.  Long and low, clean and mean… Furious is an instant Neo-Classic.

The custom fork is not the only thing on the cruiser is modified, the rear suspension is exchanged for a hardtail unit, which according to experts in this type of motorcycles seems to hear.

With a 23 “front wheel and 20” rear wheel, the Furious over fairly large wheels, custom paint, a custom handmade saddle and bars on side to drag the uber cruiser feel more stress.

Honda Concept Motorcycle

Hardtail Chopper concept from Honda Motorcycles

Furthermore, the drive shaft stripped of its protective shell, making the technology more into view, and the stock exhaust is replaced by two straight exhaust pipes.


– Stock: VT1300cc engine & tank
– Front 23” wheel Rear 20”
– Exposed shaft drive
– Hard tail custom spec frame conversion (37degree head pipe with a 8 degree fork angle offset)
– Custom oversize drag bars – Custom Paint
– Custom
– Straight pipe exhaust
– Custom Diamond stitched leather seat & rear hugger

Check out the 2011 Honda Sabre Switchblade (Pro Drag) Concept Motorcycle here:

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2 comments to The 2010 Honda Fury “Furious” (Hardtail Chopper) Concept Motorcycle

  1. Eddie Pearson
    July 24th, 2011 at 6:43 am

    This is an nice lookining bike, Honda has done a great job. Would like to see it in the 1800cc engine.

  2. Kurtis Carlee
    September 1st, 2011 at 7:43 pm

    Awesome information, I’ll check back soon.