2010 Huston Supercross

Main Event: Villopoto stepped up to the challenge, nailing the $1500 Spike Supercross Holeshot and fleeing. Windham was soon up to second and pushing as hard as he could, but suddenly RV was able to match Windham’s speed—which he hadn’t been able to do all day—and hold him at bay.

After a few laps in the huston supercross, it was clear Villopoto was once again going to turn around a horrible afternoon of practice into another main event win.

Behind him came all the action. Reed started well outside the top ten, still not able to get good starts on his Kawasaki (while, meanwhile, his teammate was pulling the holeshot).

Dungey was about fifth early, battling with Ivan Tedesco, Millsaps and Josh Hill. Neither was making life easy on Dungey, and the battle raged as riders traded mistakes and new lines.

Tedesco even swooped in at one point to steal third from Dungey, and Dungey mixed it up with Hill for a while. Then came the big mistake—Dungey stalled his bike on a set of rollers right in front of the mechanics’ area. He lost major time and positions, getting going again in seventh.

For the rest of the supercross race, Dungey would have to dig himself out, trying to get positions and points. He passed Millsaps and Hill, but then found Reed in front of him and couldn’t quite get close enough to challenge. Villopoto, Windham and Tedesco took the podium spots, while Reed’s fourth stole a few more points from Dungey, who took fifth.

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