The 2010 Kawasaki KFX 450R All Terrain Vehicle

The KFX®450R is Kawasaki’s sport ATV flagship! Sitting low to the ground on its adjustable suspension with long front A-arms, the KFX450R employs a lightweight and strong aluminium frame and five-speed transmission with reverse to harness the power from its fuel-injected, electric-start engine. Its impressive power and handling allows riders to maximize their performance on the track or in the woods.

Kawasaki, Kawasaki KFX 450R

The Kawasaki KFX 450R

449CC Liquid-Cooled, DOHC, Four-Valve, Four-Stroke Single

• Lightweight forged piston reduces reciprocating weight
• Triple piston rings and a 21mm diameter piston pin help increase durability and reduce necessary maintenance
• Lightweight titanium valves and aluminum valve spring retainers reduce reciprocating weight and boost high-rpm reliability
• Asymmetrical high-acceleration cams yield high intake efficiency
• Lightweight high-performance titanium exhaust header contributes to low and mid-range throttle response
• Electric starting facilitates quicker stall recovery and lowers rider fatigue
• Large-volume airbox contributes to both intake efficiency and sharp engine response. An air duct fashioned from polyethylene resists deformation caused by intake pulses and helps ensure stable engine performance
• Advanced engine tuning provides a broad torque curve and an optimized power delivery for quick acceleration without excessive wheelspin


• Five-speed (one-down, four-up) manual transmission locates the reverse gear below first
• Actuating the reverse-lock release lever when in first gear allows you to shift “down” into reverse
• Compact reverse-lock release lever can be activated with the right thumb, allowing the reverse gear to be engaged while still keeping the front brake lever depressed

Aluminum Chassis

• Highly rigid frame contributes to the KFX’s excellent handling and traction
• The aluminum frame’s high torsional rigidity enhances stability in corners and allows the suspension to be easily set up to suit course conditions
• Designed for high corner speeds, the KFX450R sits low to the ground, helping to reduce roll tendencies
• Mounting the battery and coolant tank ahead of the engine lowers the center of gravity, and helps weight the front wheels for increased traction
• Single box-tube lower frame contains the front A-arm attachment points. This narrower design enables the use of longer lower A-arms

Additional Features

Kawasaki ATV, Kawasaki KFX 450R

Racin the Green KFX450R

• Two-tone seat features a smooth top surface for excellent rider mobility and slip-resistant sides for good grip when hanging off in corners
• Seat, tank and side covers are shaped to allow excellent rider mobility and to provide support when hanging off in corners
• Reinforced mounting on rear side of fuel tank
• Tapered Renthal Fatbar offers both strength and light weight
• Handlebar mount is designed to accommodate other MX-type handlebars, enabling riders to select from numerous after-market styles
• Specially designed rear wheels feature reinforcing plates for the rims. Located on the axle side of the rims, these plates reinforce the rims where strength is most needed while minimizing weight
• Wide front bumper, can be gripped with two hands to push/pull the ATV
• Two-piece “lapped” front and rear fenders can be replaced separately in the event they are damaged
• Detachable front headlight assembly can easily be removed for racing
• Optional kick-start system is available for MX-style (GNC) races where light weight is a priority
• The combined weight of the reverse gear system and the lightweight aluminum chassis is no heavier than using a steel frame without reverse

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