The 2010 MV Agusta BRUTALE 1090RR Motorcycle

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The MV Brutale 1090RR

The MV Agusta Brutale pushes the limits of research and technology in its 2010 models – the 990R and the 1090RR.

With its state-of-the-art components, the 2010 Brutale Motrcycle delivers acclaimed performance and ease of riding, in keeping with the “Made in MV” formula: a commitment to excellence in componentry, in the design of which MV Agusta is at the forefront.

The “easy” handling enable the Brutale sportbike to compete with the Japanese nakeds: it is agile and instinctive in the hands of the rider.

It excels on the racetrack, and its eclectic elegance and charm thrill even the casual admirer.

To achieve these results, it was necessary to replace 85% of the components, but the new Brutale Motorcycle has preserved the significant style features of previous versions. The work carried out on the 990R and 1090RR cannot be defined as mere restyling; rather, it is a silent MV Agusta revolution.

Headlight – The headlight retains the same drop profile and the same dimensions, but introduces a fresh, more modern design, which takes account also of a modified support, but eliminates the direction indicators. Inside, in addition to a new poly- ellipsoidal element, there is a system of 8 LEDs that create a “light strip” effect, like that found on cars, which for motorcycles is entirely new.

There is now an indicator showing which gear is engaged, the fuel level, the speed, the hazard key, the water temperature, and the chronometer function, with memory of laps and of times. The instruments are already set up to use a system for monitoring tire pressure.

Handlebar – The fitting of the handlebar is flexible, to improve comfort and to reduce the vibration level. On the integrated handlebar clamps, the upper triple clamp assembly, including the handlebar clamp, is new. This latter has been designed with an elegant hinge release system, which enables the handlebar group to be quickly dismantled. The handgrips also have a new design, with an alternation of smooth and rough areas that improves grip.

Rearview mirrors – The rearview mirrors are larger and have more volume for greater visibility, but have also been placed higher up than before; the arm is in pressure die-cast aluminum, to reduce vibrations and to improve stability. They house LED direction indicators (3 on each side), which are perfectly incorpora- ted into the rear mirror assembly, yielding a cleaner line than the traditional position.

Instrument cluster and instrumentation – The new lines of the instrument cluster have abandoned the soft shapes of the previous cluster to achieve a style that is in keeping with the modern, slender features of the bodywork. It is designed to fit a personalized, interchangeable cover, which the rider can select from those available in the accessory line.

The instruments are also all new, working in conjunction with the engine control module via a high speed CAN line, retaining the split dial, with the rev counter, which is even more precise. The two LCD screens have been enlarged and have even more functions.

The engine size of the MV Agusta Brutale Motrcycle has increased from 982.3 cc to 998 cc without any variation in layout. The cylinder bore and stroke have gone from 79 x 50.1 mm to 76 x 55 mm. The reconfiguration of the 4 cylinders, with 16 radial valves, seeksto make power delivery smoother, with a response that is more progressive, solid, and harmonious than before, especially when opening-closing and when accelerating.

For this purpose, a new 46 mm Mikuni throttle body assembly, with a non-return feed that is 0.33 lbs lighter than the previous one, has been installed. The new throttle body assembly is operated by Marelli 5SM electronics, which perform better than the previous, and which feature new software for such things as traction control (for which 8 adjustments can be made) and a double EFI map.

Looks like he's havin fun

Among the new parts:

  • Front wheel rim, either gravity die-cast, or forged
  • Front brake disk
  • Suspensions Internals (oil dynamics and components of the front fork)
  • Instrument cluster (design, logic definition and information handling)
  • Brake pump with integrated tank
  • Headlight
  • Mirrors with directional indicators
  • Handlebar
  • Handgrips
  • Steering damper
  • Fuel pump
  • Fuel filler cap
  • Inner damper (oil dynamics and inside components)
  • Rear swingarm
  • Rear turn signals
  • Taillight
  • Pressure die-cast rear taillight support
  • Rear wheel hub, either gravity die-cast, or forged

Many of these parts have been designed and crafted by MV Agusta, rather than sourced from market suppliers, thereby affording technical and aesthetic perfection.

Of all the world’s manufacturers, only MV Agusta obsessively pursues aesthetic perfection in its component design, because its aim is to make beautiful what others make only functional. And, without being presumptuous, the MV Brutale Motorcycle is the best example there is on the market.

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