The 2010 Zero MX Electric Motorcycle Dirt Bike

Frame – Sculpted Aircraft Grade Aluminum Means Lighter, Stronger, and Faster

At the core of the Zero MX lies the ultimate dirt bike frame that we’ve engineered from the ground up and hand crafted using aircraft grade aluminum. The resulting combination of lower weight and higher strength means more responsiveness. In the turns and off the line this translates into greater acceleration. To make the frame even more durable each one is shot-peened and anodized.

Hydroformed top tube for increased strength & reduced weight

Massive swingarm for increased strength & torsional rigidity (better cornering and tracking)

Large cylindrical swingarm cross tube for increased stiffness & suspension response

Motor and Energy– High Torque and Acceleration

Fueled by Zero Motorcycles’ proprietary lithium ion power pack, the Zero MX delivers more torque than any other motorcycle in its class. This is made possible by our power pack’s ability efficiently dump an incredibly high amount of power as soon as you punch the throttle.

Using an advanced monitoring system, each cell in the power pack is individually controlled during charge and discharge. The charger integrates into this system and uses a specially developed charge profile to optimize the power pack’s recharge time.

Think of it this way, fuel systems are to gas motorcycles what electrical systems are to electrical motorcycles. Where others use a small carburetor and fuel pump, we use a highly tuned fuel injection system. We’ve found a way of rapidly flowing more energy out of our power pack than any of our competitors. This means more acceleration and more fun.

Drivetrain – Larger Chain and Sprockets for Increased Durability & Longer Life

To accommodate the Zero MX’s increased traction and ability to accelerate in the dirt we use a hardened steel 420 chain and direct drive gearing. The result is a stronger and more durable drivetrain that puts the power from the throttle directly into the dirt.

  • Hardened steel 420 Chain
  • Front & rear accompanying 420 Sprockets
  • Larger rear sprocket mounting/bolt pattern for increased durability and better management of high torque acceleration
Handling – Faster Turns and Bigger Berms

We want you to be able to take full advantage of the rapid acceleration the Zero MX has to offer. To do this we’ve taken our riders’ handling wish list and built in the features. The result, this electric dirt bike gives you the control you need to for the acceleration you want.

  • Direct mount (to fork crown) double clam stem for increased rigidity and control
  • Increased rise and reduced reach stem for better control & stability
  • Wider, taller, and stronger full sized dirt bike handlebar
  • Higher strength hardened race headset for longer life & smoother turning

For More Information on this AWESOME MACHINE Check out ZEROMOTORCYCLES.COM for even more fun!

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