The 2010 Polaris Outlaw 450 MXR All Terrain Vehicle

The Outlaw 450MX-R

The 2010 Polaris Outlaw® 450 MXR ATV is stock race-ready & purpose-built for the race track. This KTM® powered straight-axled, wickedly fast sport quad is ideal ATV for high-performance ATV Racing.

Key features are:

448cc KTM® Racing Engine
Fox Podium X® Racing Shox With Piggyback Reservoirs
Maxxis® RAZR® MX Radial Tires
Self-Adjusting Magura® Hydraulic Clutch

The most Extreme sport quad from Polaris, the 450 MXR ATV is designed for motocross tracks, powered by a booming KTM engine, suspended with Fox Podium X piggyback shocks, meets the dirt via Maxxis Razr MX radials and has a self-adjusting Magura clutch.

Updated last year, the Outlaw is now lighter, has better ergos and is easier to wrench on. COOL FEATURE: The Fox Shox suspension setup provides 10 inches of jump-absorbing travel front and rear.

This machine is  mechanized by a 448cc four valve single overhead cam water cooled four stroke engine. Unlike many of its competitors which have gone to fuel injection, the Polaris is fed its air/fuel mixture by a 39mm FCR carburetor.

In the stock streamline, the 448cc KTM® Racing Engine has a nice, and solid bottom end power delivery, and decent mid range, but tends to rev out of power a little too fast. It’s not necessarily bad, just different than say a Suzuki or Honda. As far as overall power, The Outlaw has tons of it, and tons of potential to easily make more with minor modifications. In stock trim, it’s better than you’d expect, and easily right there with the Suzuki LTR450.

The five speed transmission prefers to be short shifted which actually increases your corner speed since you can exit corners a gear higher without losing any torque.

The self-adjusting Magura hydraulic clutch works flawlessly, and is easily among the best features of the machine. The clutch feel is consistent every time you use it, regardless of conditions. In addition to consistency, the actual pull of the lever is quite a bit smoother, and lighter than non- hydraulic clutches, which makes long rides, or races that much easier.

Polaris outlaw 450MXR

The stock Fox Podium-X shocks are compression, rebound, and preload adjustable, and come with a piggyback reservoir. Right out of the box, they’re a bit soft, but with a few adjustments they can be tuned to near perfection. The 10” travel front suspension works well, whereas the 10” travel rear doesn’t feel as though it properly “squats” like it should when cornering. The 47” width of the Outlaw makes it a great option for the consumer who wants to race Motocross Saturday night, and then head to the trails on Sunday without having to change anything.

The 450MXR’s steering is pretty quick, but predictable and well suited for just about any type of riding.

The Outlaw comes equipped with hard compound Maxxis RAZR MX tires which work great. The bad part is they’re mounted on 9” wheels, as opposed to 8” wheels which is great if you want to eventually change to a cross country styled tire, but doesn’t leave many tire options for Motocross tires. In addition, the 9” wheel won’t let the sidewall flex enough to get the extra traction that an 8” wheel would.

Braking action on the Outlaw is solid all the way around. The dual discs up front are more than adequate, and the same can be said for the rear. Overall, the brakes are what you would want, or expect out of a 450cc Sport Quad.

As it sits the Outlaw 450 MXR is a decent track performer with trail potential. Its retail price of $7,399 is around $1000 less than its other on track competitors which makes it one of the best bargains is the 450cc class.

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