The 2010 Roehr 1250sc American Sport Motorcycle

Roehr Motorcycles

The nice dream of owning an American made Sport Motorcycle that could hold it’s own against the world’s best machines has been a dream for A LOT of people. This dream is now a reality.

Not only is the Roehr 1250sc the fastest and most powerful American production Sport Motorcycle, but one of the top performing machines in the world.

Do you want to go really fast?

The 1250sc represents the birth of a new American motorcycle brand. A brand committed to producing beautiful, high performance machines made in the USA.

The “can do” spirit that made America great is alive and well at Roehr Motorcycles. This passion is the foundation of our brand and expressed through our products.

The Roehr 1250sc, the rebirth of American world class performance.

Features and Benefits:

Control Ergonomic design combined with traditional placement of the controls helps the rider become one with the machine.

The power to stop Superb braking is achieved from the two semi-floating discs and radially mounted Brembo 4-piston calipers.

BiMetal composite frame Computer aided design, engineered for maximum rigidity and light weight, providing ultimate control and stability.

Wheels and tires Forged aluminum wheels and Pirelli high performance tires provide low unsprung weight and the ultimate in street tire performance.

A symphany of tuned power The custom muffler and exhaust system is tuned to match the power of the supercharged engine.

The final drive Chain driven for strength and reliability with a race proven quick change rear sprocket carrier.Engineering

The Roehr 1250sc is the fastest and most powerful American made production sport bike. The specially developed supercharged version of the Harley-Davidson* Revolution* engine provides unmatched power. This power is combined with our innovative BiMetal composite beam frame, top quality cycle parts and sleek styling. The result is a motorcycle that redefines the American performance bike. Hand crafted, exclusive, fast and beautiful. A true modern American thoroughbred.

The Roehr Supercharging System (RSS)

The specially developed Roehr Supercharging System (RSS) provides the 1250sc with class leading power and torque outputs. But, just as important as outright power is the way the power is delivered. RSS provides smooth controllable power responding to the riders commands.

The body work on this Motorcycle is Sleek and Smooth!

At the heart of RSS lies the patented Rotrex (C15-60) centrifugal supercharger unit. This supercharger provides the highest levels of efficiency and performance in a compact, light weight unit. This unit weights only 6.4 lbs. and is no larger than a typical small car alternator. Combined are a high efficiency, highly developed “Turbo” centrifugal compressor section, mated to a patented planetary roller drive mechanism. This drive mechanism provides an extremely high step-up ratio of 12.7/1 as well as very low noise output, low wear and excellent reliability.

RSS is designed to provide boost upon rider demand. A special bypass valve is employed to recirculate unneeded air back into the compressor during certain operating ranges such as idle, cruise and deceleration, this effectively disconnects and unloads the supercharger, thus reducing parasitic drag and increasing engine efficiency. In this mode, the engine operates as it’s stock normally aspirated self.

Under acceleration the bypass valve closes allowing compressor air to pressurize the intake plenum. The Rotrex supercharger delivers air in proportion to it’s driven speed. As engine speed increases the supercharger air output increases proportionally. This strategy is responsible for the extraordinarily smooth and linear power delivery. Power increases in proportion to engine RPM all the way to redline.

RSS enables efficient engine operation with stock emission output levels. Due to the relatively low boost levels of the RSS and low intake charge temperature increase relative to other supercharger types, an intake charge intercooler is eliminated, contributing to a lighter and more compact system.

RSS Technology = power + control + efficiency

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