The 2010 Suzuki R450 Quadracer All Terrain Vehicle

Suzuki R450 QuadRacer

Having recently been crowned the AMA/ATVA National MX champion, the Suzuki QuadRacer R450 is indisputably the hottest four-wheeler on the track.

Its Suzuki fuel-injected 450cc powerplant offers astounding top-end performance, with a technically advanced chassis and responsive, long-travel suspension so you can conquer the toughest tracks.

Suzuki QuadRacer R450 with 450cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. This engine features electronic fuel injection with a multihole injector and a 42mm throttle body.

There are a vast number of benefits to an EFI system on a performance quad including the fact that it’s more responsive, efficient, and lighter than a traditional carburetor.

The engine also features three oil pumps; a low center of gravity; and a center-mounted stainless steel exhaust system.

The engine funnels power to an all-new five-speed transmission that features inboard-located gears to keep it very compact. Updates in 2008 made the Suzuki R450 more competitive for track and trail than it was already. It’s a preferred machine for people who spend more time on the track. Compared to other 450s, the Suzuki holds a price advantage for starting a racing hobby.

COOL FEATURE: The suspension is fully adjustable in the front and rear.

SPECIAL OPTIONS: A Limited Edition has black wheels and comes with a red cab and black chassis or black plastics with a gold chassis for $7,799. It’s the best $100 upgrade out there.

New Features

  • New aluminum seat rail to reduce weight

New Engine Features

  • ECU programming and cam profiles designed for optimum engine output especially at low- to mid-rpm range

  • New countershaft for improved gear shift feel

Engine Features

  • Race proven four-stroke, single cylinder, fuel injected, liquid cooled, DOHC. Four valve engine designed to be compact, lightweight and provide incredible performance
  • A high capacity radiator is used to handle the high performance engine output combined with a compact and lightweight, ring type cooling fan for maximum efficiency
  • Advanced and lightweight electronic fuel injection system with a 42mm bore and multi hole type injector for optimum atomization, smooth throttle response and maximum performance
  • Aluminum cylinder bore is electro-plated with Suzuki’s own race proven SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) for improved heat transfer, lightweight and tighter piston clearance
  • Centrally located muffler layout for improved mass centralization, perfectly symmetrical weight distribution, and higher cornering performance
  • Five speed transmission is exceptionally compact for a compact engine layout and superb handling
  • High performance cylinder head features a narrow included valve angle creating a compact cylinder head design, compact combustion chamber and featuring 12.0:1 compression ratio for maximum performance
  • High performance ECM utilizes a high spec 16 bit CPU for quick fuel injection calculations and is designed to compact and lightweight
  • Innovative Suzuki Advanced Sump System allows the engine mass and crankshaft to be positioned close to the ground for a low center of gravity and also keeping the engine as short as possible
  • Lightweight and durable titanium valves are used for precise valve control at high rpm and reduced reciprocating mass. Titanium intake valves measure 36mm and 29mm on the exhaust
  • Lightweight forged aluminum pistons use a 3 ring design with cutaway sides, oil retaining grooves for reduced friction and the oil control ring feature a high performance chrome nitride plating for less friction
  • The QuadRacer R450 utilizes a convenient electric starter for easier starts

Transmission Features

  • Lightweight magnesium clutch cover, magneto cover, and cylinder head cover for minimal weight and maximum durability

New Chassis Features

  • Front and rear suspension have Kashima coating for reduced friction and smooth performance
  • Updated front and rear suspension settings with larger rear tires and updated swingarm rigidity balance for improved handling and better shock absorbtion

Chassis Features

  • Incredibly wide independent double wishbone front suspension with fully adjustable Kayaba piggyback reservoir style front shocks featuring 40mm pistons and a sturdy 14mm shock rod for superb damping and incredible performance
  • Kayaba rear shock features adjustable high and low speed compression, rebound and preload with a 50mm piston, 18mm rod and piggyback reservoir design providing 290mm of rear wheel travel
  • Aggressive styling highlights the high performance nature of the QuadRacer R450. The QuadRacer R450 is styled with a low and wide profile to further emphasize the lightweight performance intent of the machine.
  • High performance dual hydraulic front disc brakes with 160mm front rotors and a single hydraulic rear brake caliper mounted on a forged aluminum mounting bracket and a 190mm rear disc
  • High-tensile steel frame designed for optimum rigidity, maximum durability and features a compact and lower profile for a lower center of gravity and unmatched cornering performance
  • Race-ready steel swingarm providing more flexibility and a smoother arc of movement for optimum handling performance in any environment
  • Rugged Serrated large footpegs provide excellent grip and control
  • Special Dunlop radial tires designed specifically for the QuadRacer R450 combined with smaller 10 x 5.5 inch aluminum rear wheels and 18 x 10 inch aluminum front wheels for superb cornering stability
  • The QuadRacer R450 has a GSX-R and Hayabusa inspired multi-reflector headlight that is easily removable with a single bolt and an ultra compact LED tailight at the rear
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