The 2011 Can-Am DS 450 X MX ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)


The Can-Am DS 450 X MX featuring performance for any sport 450-class rider.

With an superlight chassis featuring the groundbreaking no-weld, aluminum ALTEC frame and a potent Rotax engine, the DS 450 has the highest power-to-weight ratio of any 450-class sport ATV.

The DS 450 model continues to maintain the benchmark for performance, handling and control – both on the track and on the trail.

50-inch Width – At 50 inches (1270 mm) wide, the DS450 X MX meets the recognized standard for Motocross racing with its stock +2 (51 mm) A-arms.

Riders will not have to purchase the expensive aftermarket A-arms to take the X MX ATV to the track and be competitive.

Anti Vibration Steering Stem – A rubber-mounted +1 (25 mm) anti-vibe steering stem comes standard on the DS450 X mx. This gives the racer a better feel for the ATV while out on the track in a racing stance. Again, there is no need to buy an aftermarket stem to be competitive. Mounted to the steering stem is an aluminum 6061-T6 taper-profile handlebar with square racing pad.

Front End: Camber & Caster Adjustable –The front end of the DS 450 X mx is completely adjustable with a shim-style adjustment. Each shim represents one-degree of adjustment with camber adjustable from 11 degrees to 15 degrees; caster is adjustable from 3 degrees to 10 degrees. This allows the racer to completely “dial in” the Can-Am DS 450 X MX for his or her preference.

Racing Suspension – The suspension, both front and rear, features (piggyback up front and remote reservoir for the rear) KYB HPG shocks with Kashima coating. This high-performance shock coating reduces internal friction and heat for consistent shock performance (less stiction and less fade). The shocks are fully adjustable with high- and low-speed rebound and compression damping, as well as preload adjustment. Two separate-rate springs with a crossover up front allow for maximum performance in all conditions. Front and rear travel is 10.7 inches (272 mm).

ITP QuadCross MX Pro tires and ITP T-9 wheels – High-performance ITP Quadcross MX Pro tires give the DS 450 X MX maximized traction on a variety of track surfaces, but especially for blue-grooved tracks. The rear tires are 18-inch motocross-ready tires complete with 8-inch (203 mm) black, aluminum ITP T-9 beadlock wheels with an inner reinforcement ring. Up front, 20-inch (508 mm) ITP Quadcross MX Pro tires mounted on 10-inch (254 mm) black, aluminum ITP T-9 wheels give the Can- Am DS 450 X MX precise cornering ability with decreased lateral roll.

Aluminum Nerf Bars –To race motocross at any level, nerf bars are a requirement. Right from the factory, the Can-Am DS 450 X MX ATV comes complete with lightweight aluminum nerf bars with netted heel guards. Side extensions are adjustable to a variety of customizable widths. If one desires, the nerf bars and netted heel guards can be removed with ease.

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