Honda: 2011 Honda CBR125R Sport Motorcycle

For 2011, the all new Honda CBR125R is ready to prove itself as the perfect first sportsbike for a new generation of riders.

Honda Motorcycle

Engine type: Single cylinder, four-stroke

Designed to develop the sports riding skills from the earliest days of your career

Superbikes are the ultimate road motorcycles. They offer a thrill no other bike can match.

That’s why honda designed the 2011 CBR125R. A small-capacity bike with big ambition.

The brief to honda’s design team was simple. Create a 125cc sportsbike with the look and feel of a bigger, more expensive machine.

The new model had to retain the current CBR125R’s user-friendly handling characteristics and free-revving single cylinder engine, but packaged inside all-new sophisticated, lightweight and stylish bodywork.

Modern riders expect full-size proportions, so that meant more aggressive wheel and tyre specs too. Honda also added the latest advances in fuel injection and catalyser technology to make the CBR125R more efficient than its predecessor.

If you want your riding career to start with a motorcycle built as a superbike from the ground up, look no further than the 2011 CBR125R.


The 125 cc SOHC four-stroke engine delivers excellent low-end and midrange power that makes getting going from a stop super easy.

Liquid-cooling ensures consistent performance in hot or cold weather, or city or highway riding, while also improving reliability.

Honda’s advanced PGM-FI electronic fuel-injection system, with new settings for 2011, delivers the precise amount of fuel for optimum performance. You get easy starting, accurate throttle response, better overall performance, and improved engine operating efficiency.

A balancer shaft inside the engine reduces vibration for a comfortable ride.
The close-ratio six-speed transmission shifts smoothly and helps keep the engine in the meat of its powerband.

A new stainless-steel exhaust system with stylish new muffler incorporates an oxygen sensor and a tri-metal catalytic converter to keep performance high and help the CBR125R exceed the stringent Euro3 emissions standards.

The clutch and throttle have a light operation that makes them easy to use.


Wider race-style cast wheels and wider high-traction sport tires for 2011 add to the CBR125R’s sporty credentials.

Powerful front and rear disc brakes mean sure, predictable stopping power and light effort at the brake lever and pedal.

A slim yet sturdy pentagonal-section twin-spar steel frame and a box-section swingarm reduce unwanted flex for better control during spirited riding.

Sporty chassis geometry, including a short 1,313 mm wheelbase, allow responsive, agile handling on twisty roads, but the CBR125R remains confidently stable on the open road.

Superb control and rider comfort are assured by the CBR125R’s premium suspension components, which boast increased travel for 2011 for better handling on rough roads.

High-tech chassis components contribute to the CBR125R’s easy-to-handle weight.

Additional Features

Eye-catching new bodywork gives the CBR125R a more imposing, big-bike look while also improving rider protection and comfort in all kinds of weather.

The new fairing shows an unmistakable family resemblance to the big Honda sport bikes, including a bright new single headlight.

More-roomy ergonomics for 2011 maintain the CBR125R’s low seat height for rider confidence, while revising the location of the handlebars and footpegs for improved control and outstanding rider comfort. Together with the contoured new fuel tank, the result is an unmistakably sporty but easygoing riding position. The rider’s weight is distributed evenly, creating a posture that isn’t tiring to maintain and that doesn’t restrict movement.

Honda Motorcycles

The racing-style seat blends smoothly into the tank and side panels, providing a secure perch for sporty riding plus superb comfort for when you’re just cruising.

Flip up the lockable passenger seat and you’ll find a spacious storage area for a spare pair of gloves, a light rain suit, or even your lunch.

New grab handles on either side of the rear seat provide the sense of security so crucial to passenger comfort, leaving rider and pillion free to enjoy the ride.

A larger 13-litre fuel tank improves the CBR125R’s range, and the filter that supplies clean fuel to the fuel injection system has been moved to outside of the fuel tank to make maintenance simpler.

Advanced multi-function digital instrument display includes a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge and temperature gauge tucked neatly behind the CBR125R’s windscreen, and all visible at a quick glance.

Choose between two head-turning colour options: all-business Asteroid Black Metallic, or the subtly flashy sophistication of Terra Silver Metallic with its distinctive orange highlights.

The CBR125R comes with Honda’s renowned quality and reliability built right in.
1 year, unlimited mileage, freely transferable warranty.

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