The 2011 Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 Classic Motorcycle

Kawasaki: Power, Performance and Classic Styling!

It’s a formula that simply can’t be beat: Take the very latest in two-wheeled chassis and engine technology, package it with Kawasaki’s legendary engineering prowess, and then bless it with absolutely gorgeous, drop-dead custom styling. Do it right and cruiser buyers will wear a path to your dealerships.

2011 kawasaki vulcan 1700 Motorcycle

The Vulcan 1700 Classic rolls on nine-spoke cast wheels

But it’s not simple, as motorcycle history is littered with bikes that failed to wow cruiser fans.

Kawasaki’s 2011 Vulcan® 1700 Classic cruiser has no such problem. First, it’s stunningly beautiful, from its raked-’n’-retro front end to its mammoth V-twin to its fat-fendered, fat-tired backside.

The deep paintwork, thick chrome and detail touches will rock your world the first time you lay eyeballs upon it. But what seals the deal is the Classic’s advanced technology and staggering functionality.

Here’s a big-inch cruiser with the type of top-shelf performance and reliability that totally backs up its bad-ass boulevard look.

Like its Vulcan 1700 brethren, the Classic’s primary element is its liquid-cooled, 103.7-inch V, an engine that dominates the proceedings with a thoroughly retro look as well as asphalt-wrinkling output.

The heart of the matter is a pair of massive pistons moving within a pair of liquid-cooled but beautifully finned cylinder blocks arrayed at 52 degrees for optimum balance and a distinct V-twin thump.

The correct air/fuel ratio reaches the cylinders through a revised intake manifold designed for improved throttle response. Internal dimensions are thoroughly long-stroke – 102 x 104mm – for mammoth low- and mid-range power, exactly the sort of big-inch thrust and V-twin feel cruiser riders crave

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