Eli Tomac and Ashley Fiolek Dominate at 2012 Freestone Motocross

Torrance, CA: Honda Red Riders took on round two of the AMA Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship and Women’s Motocross Championship this weekend at Freestone Raceway in Worthman, TX. GEICO Honda’s Eli Tomac dominated both 250 motos to take the overall win. For the second week in a row, Ashley Fiolek put together a solid performance, chalking up her first overall victory of the season on her Honda CRF250R.

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The Race

Tommy Hahn put together another solid ride aboard his Team Honda Muscle Milk CRF450R, placing 9-7 for seventh overall. “Overall I think today was another good day for me,” said Hahn. “Since I am from Texas, I am pretty used to the heat so that wasn’t a huge factor for me. I tried to just focus on getting good starts and riding solid through both motos, which I think I did. Each race I get more and more comfortable with the bike and am looking forward to the rest of the season.” Justin Brayton put in a respectable ride, going 14-14 for 13th overall.

In the 250 class, Eli Tomac put in a commanding performance aboard his GEICO Honda CRF250R, winning both motos for the overall round victory. “Today was an awesome day for me,” said Tomac. “I have had a tough time with this track in the past. It ruined my 2010 season both physically and mentally, so I am happy I was finally able to get it together and come out on top.”

Despite getting less-than-desirable starts in both motos, teammate Justin Barcia put together impressive rides, charging through the pack to finish 4-5 for fifth overall. “Today was a super tough day and I really had to work for that top-five finish,” said Barcia. “I got a bad jump in moto one and then went down in the first turn of moto two, so I had to work my way through everyone in both races. It definitely isn’t the finish I was looking for but I am happy I was able to finish in the top five and salvage valuable points.”

In the Women’s Motocross Championship, it was Ashley Fiolek on top of the podium. In moto one Fiolek grabbed the holeshot but eventually fell back to second, where she would finish. She grabbed the holeshot again in moto two and rode her way to victory with an impressive lead. “I am so happy with how today went,” stated Fiolek. “I wasn’t sure if I was even going to be able to race because I had food poisoning last night, which is why I missed the first practice. I didn’t feel 100 percent but I liked the track so I’m grateful everything came together pretty well.” Teammate Sayaka Kaneshiro placed 6-5 for fifth overall, despite going down in the first turn of moto one.

The Focus: Renthal

Among manufacturers of handlebars and sprockets, only Renthal—a 26-year Honda racing team sponsor—can boast more than 100 world and national championships. It goes without saying that American Honda’s motocross team has won many of its championships with Renthal products.

450 Class Overall Results
1. James Stewart 1-1
2. Ryan Dungey 2-2
3. Mike Alessi 5-3
4. Jake Weimer 3-6
5. Josh Grant 6-4
6. Andrew Short (Honda) 10-5
7. Tommy Hahn (Honda) 9-7
8. Brett Metcalfe 13-10
9. Nico Izzi 4-25
10. Ryan Sipes 8-17

450 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. James Stewart 100
2. Ryan Dungey 86
3. Mike Alessi 70
4. Jake Weimer 61
5. Andrew Short 61
6. Josh Grant 58
7. Brett Metcalfe 53
8. Broc Tickle 43
9. Nico Izzi 39
10. Tommy Hahn 39

250 Class Overall Results
1. Eli Tomac (Honda) 1-1
2. Blake Baggett 2-2
3. Ken Roczen 3-4
4. Blake Wharton 6-3
5. Justin Barcia (Honda) 4-5
6. Marvin Musquin 5-8
7. Jesse Nelson (Honda) 7-9
8. Wil Hahn (Honda) 12-6
9. Jake Canada 8-14
10. Kyle Cunningham 13-12

250 Class Championship Points (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1. Blake Baggett 94
2. Ken Roczen 80
3. Eli Tomac 79
4. Justin Barcia 76
5. Blake Wharton 55
6. Marvin Musquin 52
7. Wil Hahn 46
8. Kyle Cunningham 42
9. Ivan Tedesco 41
10. Jake Canada 41

WMA Overall Results
1. Ashley Fiolek (Honda) 2-1
2. Jessica Patterson 1-2
3. Meghan Rutledge 3-3
4. Tarah Geiger (Honda) 7-4
5. Sayaka Kaneshiro (Honda) 6-5
6. Kasie Creson 6-6
7. Jacki Strong 5-7
8. Mariana Balbi 8-6
9. Sara Pettersson 9-9
10. Sade Allender 12-10

WMA Championship Points (after round 2 of 8)
1. Jessica Patterson 91
2. Ashley Fiolek 88
3. Meghan Rutledge 78
4. Tarah Gieger 72
5. Sayaka Kaneshiro 65
6. Kasie Creson 61
7. Mariana Balbi 55
8. Jacki Strong 48
9. Sara Pettersson 46
10. Lindsey Palmer 32

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