The Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with Hexagonal Muffler

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System with Hexagonal Muffler

Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems

Akrapovic Racing and Evolution systems are designed for racing-oriented riders who demand maximum performance from their motorcycle.

Both systems feature exceptional production quality, hi-tech materials, and of course increased engine performance.

Their quality and reputation are further augmented by the use of the high-tech HYDROFORMING production process to form the header tubes.

Besides performance, you will also benefit from great weight savings of up to 5.24 kg when compared to the stock system.

The change will also be visual as our HEXAGONAL mufflers perfectly fit the exterior line of the Fireblade and add a clean racing image.

Systems are not homologated and are developed only for race track use.

Performance: Measurements of the Akrapovic EVOLUTION system on the HONDA CBR 1000 RR (without the muffler insert):

Power & Torque: The exhaust system modification with the EVOLUTION system results in a major boost in performance, delivering a massive 174 HP at 12310 rpm on the back wheel.

But the increased power is not available just at the top of the range; the system already shows its quality from 3000 rpm up through the entire rpm range.

Maximum increased power between an Akrapovic and a stock system is 4.7 HP at 12750 rpm. In addition, the torque is substantially higher in a lower rpm area at 4000 rpm and in the middle to high rpm area.

The Exhaust System that you voted for in our poles. With 10 votes here is the Akrapovic Evo System!


  • Oval-shaped can with your choice of carbon-fiber or titanium outer sleeve
  • Outlet cap, perforated inner sleeve and inlet cap are all made of titanium
  • Joint of the inlet cap is milled on a state-of-the-art CNC machine and connected by high-quality silicon-shielded tempered springs
  • Include a lightweight, compact and high-temperature-resistant carbon-fiber muffler clamp
  • Hexagonal shaped, hydro-formed header and link pipe are made of titanium
  • Crossover tubes may be installed based on the results of testing
  • Most models come with pre-installed fitting for lamda connection
  • Ceramic anti-seizing grease, made especially for use with titanium, is used to prevent seizing, corrosion and excessive wear of parts of the exhaust system made of titanium (due to vibration and extreme temperatures)
  • When the position of the exhaust system needs to be changed and the stock bracket is no longer usable a carbon-fiber bracket is included
  • For racing only

MSRP$ 1,767.99 – $3,335.99

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