Max Biaggi races to 2nd at the 2011 Assen World Superbike Race



Assen, 17 April 2011 – A heated Sunday on the Assen track for the Aprilia Alitalia Racing Team. After an extremely close Superpole the five time world champion Max Biaggi took two second places which move him into second place in the overall standings.

2011 assen world superbike, 2011 world superbike, world superbike, world superbike racing, 2011 world superbike racingThe Corsair battled with Rea in Race 1, using his RSV4 to its fullest in the first part of the race after starting from the sixth box on the grid. The script was the same for the second race with Carlos Checa playing Rea’s part in the battle for first place.

In the third last lap of Race 2, after a series of fast laps, Max successfully attacked the Spanish rider only to suffer the response which confirmed the final result.

Leon Camier, on the other hand, had to start Race 1 from the pit due to problems with the bike shutting off just a few seconds before the start. A mechanical problem then forced him to leave the track in a race which, at that point, was already compromised.

The good pace he had demonstrated during warm-up came out in Race 2 where the young Englishman fought his way back to fifth place. Melandri’s crash then opened the way for a well deserved fourth place. He also held the fast lap of the race.

“We reaped the maximum – immediately comments Max Biaggi – especially considering what we went through on Saturday. Unfortunately we had to make a forced choice of tyres with our RSV4. I would not have been able to use the softer tyres that Checa chose.

When I overtook him in Race 2 I pushed to the limit, but I just didn’t have the grip to hold onto first place. The advantage of the two cylinders in being able to use softer tyres is important on a track like this one, besides the fact that I had a technical problem for the last 5 or 6 laps in Race 2.

In any case I have to thank my Team. After the crash and at the end of Race 1 the work they did allowed me to use the first bike which I liked a lot better. I’m happy with second place. We still need to make up a lot of points, but we won’t let up. Monza could be an important race from this point of view”.

Leon Camier has a debt to collect from luck after this race: “This is the classic weekend where anything that can go wrong does! Some problems with the tyres, two breakdowns, the bike switching off and, above all, my two mistakes in Superpole ruined what could have been an important race. In any case I’m happy with the fourth place in Race 2 where I was also able to make the fast lap. I knew I had a good pace, I showed that in practice and warm-up. I’m leaving Assen convinced that I can do well if I keep improving and luck stays on my side!”.


Max Biaggi was forced to face Superpole with the second bike, two mistakes compromise Leon Camier’s performance.

Assen, 16 April 2011 – A light and dark Superpole was the scene on the Assen track for the Aprilia Alitalia Racing Team. A series of mishaps plagued the two riders, jeopardizing the starting positions in spite of the good times achieved during the practice sessions.

Reigning champion Max Biaggi had to face Superpole with his second RSV4 due to a crash in the last free practice session. An abnormal quirk which returned during Superpole as well, although in a less pronounced way, is the reason for the sixth place which means the second row of the starting grid tomorrow.

Leon Camier, particularly quick throughout the day, came through the first Superpole session without any problems. During the second, in which the 12 best times compete, the English rider made two simple mistakes in the last section while on pace for one of the top times. Quite a disappointment for him, but also a positive assessment of a competitive race pace in spite of finding himself starting from ninth place.

“Everything started with the crash in the last practice session – comments Max Biaggi – which forced me to use the bike which I’ve used the least for Superpole. The inexplicable jerk which caused the crash came back in a lesser form on the second bike as well. In the end we earned this sixth place which isn’t bad if we consider the circumstances, but I can’t say that I’m completely sorted for tomorrow. Maybe we needed a little more time. Now we’ll have to try and shave something off during the warm-up and give it our most during the two races”.

Leon Camier does not hide his misdeeds: “I’m really disappointed. In the second Superpole session I made two mistakes that ruined some very quick laps. We could have been out front. It’s a shame because as far as the race pace goes, we are in good shape. This should make me feel better, but I know how difficult it is to start from behind, losing precious time in the first laps. I’ll have to make a good start and stay focused in order to recover as many positions as possible taking advantage of my race pace”.

Assen, 15 April 2011 – The first day of practice on the Assen TT Circuit produced excellent results for team Aprilia Alitalia. In fact, reigning champion Max Biaggi’s second place was obtained after an important session searching for the best set-up, to confirm that the team’s work played out in the best possible way. In view of Superpole and the races on Sunday Max intends to work specifically on the details, those details that can make the difference on such a technical track.

Leon Camier, mindful of the podium he earned here last year during his début on the Aprilia RSV4, was instead disappointed by today’s results. His second practice session was not very consistent and therefore kept the young English rider from finding the right pace. In any case Leon is still positive, motivated to put forth his best effort on the track tomorrow in order to get back into the positions that count.

Max Biaggi is satisfied with a job well done today: “I’m feeling very positive because we have already identified the path we need to take, choosing between the two bikes which had different characteristics. The final time shows that there is still work to be done mainly on the details, and it is fundamental that we improve them in view of qualifications. Assen is a particular track because it doesn’t have any reference points. You have to create them metre by metre. Now I need to collect my thoughts, run through the feelings I had in the various turns and take all of that to my mechanics so that we can set up tomorrow’s sessions”.

On the other hand there were a few problems for Leon Camier: “The second session today didn’t go as I’d hoped. Just when I really needed to get some laps in a problem with the tyres and a silly technical problem forced me to interrupt my pace coming out of the turns. That means I couldn’t keep up my times on the lap, in spite of some good runs. Tomorrow we’ll have to work hard, both to get ready for the two races and for Superpole”.


The Aprilia Alitalia Racing Team is ready to take on the historic Assen circuit. Max Biaggi and Leon Camier are eager to confirm their competitiveness in the university of motorcycling.Aprilia's Leon Camier at the 2011 Assen World Superbike

For World Superbike Assen is not just any race. You can tell straight away as soon as you ride out onto the Dutch track which has thousands of fans lined up alongside, often arriving astride the street version of the same bike they have come to watch flying around the historic TT Circuit.

The great passion which breathes life into the Grand Prix cannot help but provide a little extra push for reigning champion Max Biaggi, ready for redemption after the unfortunate performance in Donington to confirm his competitiveness and that of his Aprilia Alitalia RSV4.
For Leon Camier this is also a “special” race: last year, right here at Assen, the young English rider earned his first podium in his World Superbike adventure.

As in the previous race at Donington, the weather will play an important role. In fact, based on the forecasts it could turn out to be a wet weekend, although the instability of spring weather prohibits any accurate prediction. In any case the two races on Sunday, as always, will be exciting.

“Last year we had a few problems here – says Max Biaggi – mostly during Superpole, although I must say that I like this track. Compared to last season I expect to be more competitive right from the start. It will be important to work well during practice in order to be as prepared as possible for the two races on Sunday. Especially if it rains, it is vital that we start out front. We lost a few points in the first two races, so here at Assen we need to aim for the best possible results. I’m starting off motivated, with a great desire to get back on the bike and experience the weekend at Assen to its fullest”.

Leon Camier looks forward to the Dutch race with confidence: “I had my first World Superbike podium there last year so it holds some good memories. It’s a really physical circuit so I don’t know how I’ll hold up, but I’m doing everything I can to try and score another couple of strong results. Keith Code from the California Superbike School is coming to help me again. His input at Donington Park was invaluable so it’s a boost to know he’ll be there. Throughout the last race weekend I struggled towards the end of every session with fatigue so I’ve also got my trainer coming”.

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