British Enduro Championship: Farioli KTM rider David Knight victory

KTM - British Enduro - David Knight

Farioli KTM rider David Knight has claimed victory at the opening round of the ’10 Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship, the Diss MCC organised one-day Muntjac Enduro.

Despite horrendous weather conditions, which caused the event’s special test to become heavily rutted and extremely muddy and the event to be cut short, Knight won each of the four timed special tests to claim a near 20 second winning margin. Finishing behind David was former World champion Paul Edmondson and former European champion Daryl Bolter.

Despite the terrible weather conditions Knight claimed his second consecutive Muntjac victory.  Well aware that he’d have his work cut out and that winning in such demanding conditions wouldn’t be easy on a large four-stroke, Knight was one of just 10 rider to remain on time during the event and in making no major mistakes on any tests was able to get his participation in the ’10 BEC season of to a perfect start.  “Despite the weather doing its best to wreck the event I enjoyed it,” Knight said.

“I wasn’t looking forward to it after I’d walked the special test because it was obvious it was going to be really slippery, and get really rutted. I took it fairly safely on the first test and managed to win by about five second, so that was a great start to the event. A big four-stroke isn’t the best of bike’s when it’s slippery so I knew if I did win it wouldn’t be by much. I was just trying to keep smooth on the second test, which for the most part I did. I stalled it on one corner and lost a few second but generally it went ok. By then it was almost one long rut from start to finish.

“I never really attacked the test 100 per cent – you couldn’t because one small mistake could completely wreck your result. The last two back-to-back tests went ok, although I got stuck once. It was horrendous by then so I was just trying to be careful. Despite the terrible conditions I’m pleased with the way I rode. My bike felt great and I know now that if there’s a muddy world championship race, which I’m sure there will be, my set-up is good. It’s a shame the weather spoiled the event but it’s a great start to the British championship for me.”

David now heads to the States where he will compete in the Alligator Enduro, a round of the US Enduro Championship, before remaining in Florida for 10 days in order to continue his training ahead of the opening rounds of the ’10 World Enduro Championship 

Results – Metzeler ACU British Enduro Championship, Rnd 1

1. David Knight (Farioli KTM) 1398.07
2. Paul Edmondson (Suzuki) 1417.27
3. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 1429.28
4. Si Wakely (Husqvarna) 1443.86
5. Tom Sagar (Suzuki) 1448.69
6. Greg Evans (KTM) 1453.66

Knight wins rain soaked first round of 2010 British Enduro Championship

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