Samsung Crescent Racing ready for 2ND British Superbike testing

Team Suzuki Press Release

British Superbike: Samsung Crescent Racing starts three more days of testing its 2011 British Superbike GSX-R1000 Suzukis tomorrow at the Gaudix circuit in Spain after a positive initial test at Cartagena.

british superbike, 2011 british superbike racing, 2011 british superbike, samsung crescent racing, samsung racing, suzuki, suzuki racing, suzuki motorcycle raicng, suzuki british superbikeNew team riders John Hopkins and Jon Kirkham (pictured) had trouble-free runs at Cartagena; making good progress with set-ups and generating plenty of track speed. Moving on to Guadix, the team will now be looking to trial new components as part of the continuing testing.

Jack Valentine – Team Manager:

“We’re very, very pleased with progress. The bikes are working well and both riders are more-than-happy with their personal progress. With good weather this year, we got three full days of testing under our belts at Cartagena, so we felt it was right to stand down from the final day and give the riders and the team a rest before starting on the next vital phase of our testing.

“Both riders have been a dream to work with; they’re getting on well with their crew chiefs and with each other; we’re building the basis of a strong and unified team. They’ve also been putting together impressive lap times and we’re in no doubt we will be very competitive come the start of the season.

“Although today’s been a rest day, both John and Jon have been on track at Guadix – in track-day cars. It’s been very entertaining to watch, but beneath the fun and laughs, it’s also allowed both of them to get familiar with a track neither of them has seen before. It’ll probably save us an hour in settling-in time tomorrow.

“We’ve now got some new components we want to test and with the change of track, our riders are going to find out a whole lot more about our bikes. So three more days – we’ll see where we stand after that!”

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