How to Determine Spring Rate on an Old Spring

motorcycle springs


Motorcycle Springs

With the tremendous surge in the popularity of vintage bikes, the suspension of these bikes has become even more important than ever.

If you buy a good aftermarket shock, like one from Works Performance, you’ll have no trouble whatsoever in figuring out what spring is on the bike.

The Guys at Works not only give you the correct spring, they have their own marking system.

But if you’re like a lot of vintage bike riders, you want to use the original shock spring to make the bike totally correct.

This means that you have to go through whatever pile of garbage you might have your garage, or around your buddy’s garage, for the correct spring.

But even if you know what brand of spring you’re looking for, how are you going to tell if this spring has the correct rate for your bike’s needs?

So you look through one pile of garbage after another pile of garbage searching for the mystical perfect spring.

Garbage has a certain subtle way of building up in the garage, but of course, none of it is really pure garbage – just junk you’ll probably never use again. Like all the fouled spark plugs, seized pistons and bent rims I have hanging from the ceiling in a metal “mobile,” it’s a still a piece of junk, plain and simple.

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