DEW TOUR: Freestyle Motocross Salt Lake City, Utah

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Twitch Stenberg

Freestyle Motocross was back in competition form in Salt Lake City for the fourth stop of the Alli Sports Dew Tour.

This was the first time in nearly two years that there has been an actual competition instead of the demo format that was used throughout 2009.

Everyone was fired up and hungry to compete in front of a pack house in downtown Salt Lake City on a Saturday night.

The competition was a head-to-head format, with the winner moving onto the next round. Twitch and Faisst were pre-qualified for the event based off of 2008 point standings and a wild card spot.

Twitch, Potter, Taka, and Adelberg all eliminated their opponent in the first round, allowing them to advance to the second round.

In round 2, Potter and Twitch did battle to see who would move onto the quarter finals.

Both had solid runs with big flip combos, but Twitch just edged out Potter to advance on. Adelberg had a scary get off in his run when he hit neutral as he was approaching the dirt double out of the double double section.

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