First German Electric Motorcycle World Championship Title

The Electric-Motorcycle Racing series has been promoted by UK entrepreneur, Azhar Hussain, CEO of TTXGP, who are pioneers in this field having launched the world’s first electric motorcycle race at the legendary Isle of Man TT races in June 2009.

The championships were held in Albacete, Spain. Sanctioned by the European Motorcycle Union (UEM), they were the culmination of 14 events which began in May of this year and were held in North America, the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Twelve teams competed for the title including entries from UK, China, America, India and Russia.

All teams lapped the 3593 metre track in under two minutes with 00.00.228 seconds between winning German rider Matthias Himmelmann and the Italian Alessandro Brannetti.

Jenny Tinmouth for Team Agni lost her early lead to Brannetti in lap six who led until the final lap when Himmelmann put the pedal to the metal to take first place and the World Championship title. British rider Jenny Tinmouth and Agni have to be content this year with winning the TTXGP UK Championship (Brands Hatch 3 October).

TTXGP founder and CEO, Azhar Hussain, said, “TTXGP has thrived thanks to the teams, suppliers and the clubs. Despite some incredible challenges, and scepticism, we have shown what can be achieved through passion, imagination and communication.

“The big winner today is the future. When we held our first race in June 2009, battery-powered bike racing was unknown, untested and disbelieved – nobody knew where it was going. Just 15 months later, we have set the bar across the world. The direction is clear as TTXGP advances technology at a pace which only competition demands. Technology developed for TTXGP ( is the technology which will be used to take zero carbon transportation into our daily lives. This has been a milestone in automotive history and we are proud to have been part of it.”

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