FMX: Levi Sherwood took first place in Moscow

Levi Sherwood Takes Moscow FMX

Levi Sherwood, Freestyle Motocross


Moscow’s historical Red Square brought 40,000 fans on Saturday night to watch the twelve best freestyle motocross riders compete in this third stop of the Red Bull Moto X-Fighters World Tour.

Nate Adams and Levi Sherwood  battled it out in the final match up, and Victory went to 18-year-old New Zealand native Levi Sherwood.

The Red Square is a world-famous location. located in Russia’s capital city, they turned it into an FMX course like no other for the event. 250 loads of dirt buried the historic streets to set the scene for a legendary event that will not soon be forgotten.

Sherwood weighed in on the competition: “The tricky course here was just right for me. This day will go down in history.” To take the persuading win, Sherwood threw down his deep collection of  super extended tricks without flaw, like his crazy ruler flip and seat grab Indy flip.

With skyrocketing temperatures and a sold-out crowd, the conditions were not favorable for most. Adams, who came in second to the young gun Sherwood explained, “The pressure was huge, the course was tough and the heat was a problem for everyone.

” He went on to talk about how honorable it was to compete in such an iconic landmark: “It is an incredible feeling to jump here. The equivalent back home in the USA would be to perform in the garden of the White House!” Adams threw down his classic, yet dense bag of tricks including a 360 nac and an array of flip combos. However, it just wasn’t enough to stop the New Zealander teenager.

Norway’s Andre Villa finished third in Moscow remains in the overall lead in the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour 2010, 20-points ahead of Adams. Despite FMX Rider Robbie Maddison‘s famous long-distance jumps over London’s Tower Bridge and the Corinth Canal in Greece, he failed to qualify for the semi-finals after missing a landing on a flip combo-gone-wrong — nearly taking a massive soil sample. Maddo eventually finished fifth behind Japan’s Eigo Sato.

Following stops in Mexico City, Cairo and Moscow, the X-Fighters tour now moves on to the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas bullfighting ring in Madrid for the next event of the season on July 22-23 before the final two events of the season in London on August 14 and Rome on October 1.

FMX Rider Levi Sherwood

Red Bull X-Fighters Moscow Results
1. Levi Sherwood (NZL) 2. Nate Adams (USA) 3. Andre Villa (NOR) 4. Eigo Sato (JAP) 5. Robbie Maddison (AUS) 6. Dany Torres (ESP) 7. Adam Jones (USA) 8. Cameron Sinclair (AUS) 9. Jim McNeil (USA) 10. Mat Rebeaud (SUI) 11. Alexey Kolesnikov (RUS) 12. Blake Williams (AUS)

2010 Red Bull X-Fighters Championship Points (After 3 of 6 rounds)
1. Andre Villa 245 pts. 2. Nate Adams 225 3. Levi Sherwood 175 4. Robbie Maddison 165 5. Adam Jones 155 6. Eigo Sato 125 7. Jim McNeil 95 8. Dany Torres 90 9. Cameron Sinclair 35 10. Libor Podmol 25 11. Blake Williams 20 12. Lance Coury 20 13. Charles Pagès 20 14. Mat Rebeaud 15 15. Diasuke Suzuki 15 16. Alex Kolesnikov 10 17. Petr Pilat 10 18. Nick De Wit 5 19. Johan Nungaray 5

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