Freestyle Motocross: Preview Red Bull X-Fighters in Rome

Freestyle Motocross

After the London stop of Red Bull X-Fighters, the overall tour title was a four-way race. Forty-five points out of first, Robbie Maddison had an outside chance and was riding well enough to be considered.

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Rider: Andre Villa

Only 20 points separated these Pro Freestyle Motocross Riders Levi Sherwood in third and Andre Villa in first, with last year’s champion Nate Adams standing between them.

But they say bad things come in threes, and recently that’s been more than true for several of the competitors considered to be in the hunt for the sixth and final stop of this year’s tour.

First to fall victim to circumstance was New Zealand’s Sherwood. At ASA’s annual event in Pomona, Calif., Sherwood was looking in dominant form when he jumped into the first part of a tight double-double section. In this kind of two-jump set, the landing becomes the take-off approach for the second dirt hit.

The rider usually lands and then powers up the next take off, losing none of the momentum from the first jump. In Sherwood’s case he landed and somehow his left foot hit the shifter, dropping the bike into neutral. The young Kiwi twisted the throttle, the bike gave out a mournful wail but created no forward momentum.

Sherwood’s speed and trajectory propelled him into the back of the next landing, breaking his femur and shattering his chances of this year’s X-Fighters Tour crown. Given that he’d won two of the last three stops, Sherwood was the odds-on favorite coming into Rome.

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