GO KARTS: Do you have the need for Adrenaline?

GO KARTS: Check this out all you racing fans!

Speed Raceway in Denver

Car Advice USA.com went to the all new Speed Raceway indoor Electric go-kart racing venue. they have a 55,000 square foot entertainment facility featuring a quarter mile European style go kart racing track and Italian made electric go-karts that reach speeds up to 50 mph. you can really have an Awesome time at the Speed Raceway!

When you walk into the Speed Raceway you will see that this is an all time place for racing and adrenaline pumping fun! Right in front of your eyes will be the sign up for you to get started to race, with a very friendly an helpful Staff and Pit crew they can have you racing in no time! The Sign up only takes you about three to five minutes of filling out some basic information.  you will get your Racing License specially made for you at the front desk to start racing!

Speed Raceway makes sure you are safe with a vast selection of helmets and head socks. The speed of the go-carts are radio controlled so for the little ones they can slow them down but still have them going fast enough to have fun! When you are in the pits, and your all ready to race  the staff will call your number of kart you will be racing!

The go-karts use the latest and greatest brush-less AC technology, engine 48-volt with a maximum power of 12kw, with a controller from 60amps to 400amps fed by 4 batteries of the latest generation. These karts use gel seal batteries that are maintenance free. Car Advice USA.com Racing around the track and testing these karts out we have to say we were very pleased to have raced these Electric High Performance Go-karts!

Please visit Speed Raceway.com for more Info

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