Husaberg: Nick Fahringer to 4th at the 2011 Cajun National Enduro

husaberg, husaberg motorcycles, husaberg racing, husaberg enduro motorcycles, husaberg enduro dirt bikesHusaberg Factory rider Nick Fahringer missed the podium by one spot at the second round of the Rekluse/AMA National Enduro Series when he finished 4th overall at the Cajun Enduro in Forest Hill, LA.

Fahringer’s day got off to a horrible start when he and his Husaberg teammate, Mike Lafferty, took the wrong trail during the first timed test and finished over a minute behind the other riders. “I was feeling really down after we heard the times of the first test. We didn’t realize we had gone the wrong way and I was nervous I was really that far off the pace after feeling like I put in a pretty good time,” commented Fahringer. It was later determined that many riders took the wrong path and the first test results were thrown out of the final tally.

The 85-mile course was made up of hard soil with loose dirt on the top that made the course vey slippery. “There were a couple sections where I just slid out because the course was so slick and I couldn’t control it. Luckily, I was able to quickly recover and never lost too much time,” stated Fahringer.

Throughout the majority of the tests, Fahringer turned the fourth fastest times and finished in that position, improving upon his first round result. Unfortunately, Lafferty didn’t have a race he wanted to remember. “I just felt off all day and wasn’t able to put in a good test. I had a few crashes and couldn’t get into a rhythm. I am going to put this race behind me and look forward to getting back at the podium at the next round,” remarked Lafferty.

Next Event: Kalgary, TX – April 3, 2011

Overall Results –
1. Russell Bobbitt
2. Charlie Mullins
3. Cory Buttrick
4. Nick Fahringer – Husaberg
5. Thad Duvall
6. Brad Bakken
7. Mike Lafferty – Husaberg
8. Andrew Delong
9. Shane Hufford
10. Cole Kirkpatrick

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