Husaberg Motorcycle Race Report – US National Enduro Finale


An action packed review of the 2010 US National Enduro Series featuring 8x HUSABERG US National Enduro champion Mike Lafferty and Enduro young gun Nick Fahringer.

In the first full factory backed season the two Husaberg riders finished just off the podium in 4th (Lafferty, 6 podiums) and 5th (Fahringer, 3 podiums) with Mike delivering the first National Enduro victory for Husaberg at round 3 of the series, the famous Alligator Enduro in Florida.

Husaberg Factory riders Mike Lafferty and Nick Fahringer finished 5th and 7th overall at the final round of the AMA National Enduro Series.

The Muddobbers National Enduro was one of the most challenging courses of the ten round series. The normally dusty course received rainfall the day of the race which made for a slick race track.

“It was hard to determine how much traction you would get as you traversed the course,” commented Fahringer. “I would feel good going into a turn just to slide out which would make me more cautious in the next corner adding to a bad overall finish time.”

Lafferty had a decent start to the race, finishing the first three tests with top five times. Fahringer also had a strong showing in the second test finishing with the third fastest lap time.

“Anywhere it was wide open, I felt strong, but when we got into the tight trees I struggled on the terrain today,” commented Lafferty. “Normally I would have a strong showing here but the course was tricky.”

Although the National Enduro Series is wrapped up, both Husaberg riders have additional plans before the year end. Lafferty will finish out the GNCC Series while Fahringer will compete in the final OMA race and the ISDE event in Mexico.

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