Josh Creamer Victory at Spring Creek AMA ATV MX National in Millville, MN

ATV, Josh Creamer

Victory at Spring Creek

Millville, MN –Josh Creamer took the overall win aboard his Rockstar Makita Suzuki during round six of the AMA Pro ATV MX championship at the Spring Creek AMA ATV MX National in Millville, MN.

Creamer was able to lead start to finish in both motos, dominating the field at one of the roughest track these riders have seen.

With Creamer’s win, he now is 15 points ahead of his teammate and two time defending Champion, Dustin Wimmer for the 2010 ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship.

Team Rockstar Makita Suzuki started their weekend on a high note when current champion, Dustin Wimmer, earned the $100 Fastest Qualifier award.

Going into today’s event, many slated Wimmer as the man to beat, but he first had to overcome more of the hard luck that has slowed his charge for a third-straight ATV MX Title.

At the start of moto one, Baldwin Motorsports PEP’s Josh Upperman took the first corner and the $250 holeshot award. Although Upperman was off to the early lead, it wasn’t long before Motoworks Can-Am rider John Natalie and Dustin Wimmer were headed for the front. As the riders jumped through the pro section, Natalie’s bike shut off mid-air, forcing Wimmer to land on top of him.

With Natalie and Wimmer out of the running for the top spots, Walsh’s Jeremy Lawson overcame Upperman for the lead. Motoworks Can-Am rider Chad Wienen was fighting towards the front while Creamer made a stunning recovery from a last-place start, passing through the pack to the third spot. In the last few laps, both Wienen and Creamer were able to overcome Lawson to finish 1-2 respectively.  Wimmer recovered for seventh, with Natalie in 14th.

Creamer made up for the last place start in the first moto when he earned the $250 Holeshot award for moto two. The battles raged on as Team Suzuki and Team Can-Am made up the top four spots, with Creamer maintaining the lead.  As Wienen set his sights on the front and made a pass on Wimmer, Wimmer immediately seemed to catch fire, and mounted a charge toward a win.  By the checkered flag, Wimmer had made passed on Wienen and Creamer for the lead and pulled away from the pack.

About the ITP/Moose Racing AMA ATV Motocross Championship presented by Parts Unlimited
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AMA Pro ATV Results

1. Josh Creamer (Suz) 2-2

2. Chad Wienen (Can) 1-3

3. Dustin Wimmer (Suz) 7-1

4. Josh Upperman (Hon) 4-5

5. Jeremy Laweson (Suz) 3-7

6. Thomas Brown (Yam) 5-6

7. Jeremie Warnia (Can) 6-8

8. John Natalie Jr (Can) 14-4

9. Cody Gibson (Suz) 9-9

10. Cody Grant (Suz) 11-10

AMA ATV Motocross Championship Pro Point Standings

1. Josh Creamer (313); 2. Dustin Wimmer (293); 3. Chad Wienen (237); 4. John Natalie Jr (234); 5. Josh Upperman (227); 6. Thomas Brown (206); 7. Jeremy Lawson (167); 8. Patrick Brown (157); 9. Jeremie Warnia (151); 10. Nick A. Denoble (146).

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