Leo Vince X3 Lowboy Race Exhaust System

Leo Vince Exhaust System

Leo Vince

LeoVince X3 Motocross Full Systems

LeoVince titanium full systems are made of the best CP1 Grade Titanium making them the lightest and strongest titanium systems available.

LeoVince stainless steel full systems are made of 304 stainless and high grade aluminum offering a more durable and economical system with the exact same flow and tuning characteristics. Both feature a real carbon-fiber end cap.

One bolt lets you quickly change from the 98dB open configuration to the 94dB insert with spark arrestor for off-road riding or noise-critical tracks.

Supermoto-specific systems with additional tire clearance are available for selected models.

  • Ti systems made of best available CP1 Grade 4 titanium with 1mm thick sidewall durability
  • Stainless and aluminum systems made of 304 stainless and high grade aluminum
  • Stainless systems are more durable and offer a real value for begining racers
  • Titanium offers substantial weight savings over stock
  • Titanium full systems boost horsepower an average of 10% across RPM range
  • Titanium systems are the same systems developed and used by factory race teams
  • Real carbon fiber heat shields on Ti full systems and some stainless headers
  • 07 or older pipes have reliable sound check of 96dB insert in, 98dB insert out
  • 08 or newer pipes have a reliable AMA rule sound check of 94dB
  • CAD/CAM designed for precise fit
  • Machine-specific tuned to work with stock fuel settings
  • All in the Box – USFS Spark Arrestor, Sound Inserts, Spring Tool

How this leo vince exhuaust was designed
LeoVince products are designed in their own dedicated R&D facility using advanced CAD/CAM technology. Every prototype is run extensively on the dyno and once approved is tested on the track under the most severe conditions. In many cases LeoVince R&D works hand-in-hand with manufacturer factory race teams for further development.

How this leo vince exhuast was made
LeoVince facilities are completely inclusive, including all aspects of production, stamping, welding, bending, and carbon fiber molding. To ensure legendary build quality, nothing is farmed out to subcontractors. LeoVince is dedicated to combining the most modern technology with the handcrafted finish delivered by experienced craftsmen; all to provide you with the best exhaust in the world.

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2 comments to Leo Vince X3 Lowboy Race Exhaust System

  1. Beni
    July 22nd, 2010 at 1:18 pm

    hy my name is beny i want to ask you some questions.First if you can tell me if this model of exhaust can be put on the honda crf 250 at the year 2005 and a price for this wxhuast. Thx have a nace day if you can send me a email with the price for this product thx

  2. Bike Advice USA
    July 22nd, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Yes this is Exhaust can be fit on your crf250. The Leo Vince X3 Lowboy Race Exhaust System is $809.99 at Motorcycle superstore.com here is the link Leo Vince Low boy If you could by chance post this in our forums Bike Advice USA Forum