Red Bull: New style of the best Motorsports! METALLICCROSS!!!

Red Bull

Red Bull: Teamed up with five of the top motocross athletes to design a new track for the first-ever Red Bull Metalliccross, a new style of competition that combines the best of all these great motorsports.

Travis Pastrana, James Stewart, Ronnie Renner, David Knight and Geoff Aaron have each designed there own piece of the long awaited track.

The featured elements are from Supercross, motocross, Endurocross, freestyle and trials.

The event will be held at Pala Raceway on Saturday, Oct. 23 in Pala, Calif.

“I have always had some pretty crazy thoughts about obstacles and elements to a track. Now with this special event it gives me the blank canvas I need to put these crazy elements together. You can look forward to some wild stuff that will take each athlete’s absolute best to navigate and survive,” Stewart said in a press release.

The first ever Metallicross event will be raced at Pala Raceway (north of San Diego, CA) on Saturday, October 23rd,with a track that was co-designed by the these awesome, insane and good people James “Bubba” Stewart, Travis Pastrana, Ronnie Renner, David Knight, and Geoff Aaron.

The course is even insane: it features a nearly two story drop which leads into the first turn, a 12 foot-high step-up, and dirt-to-concrete whoops. But wait, there’s more! Including: a creek crossing, stretches of sand, and a stair made of railroad ties, even explosions and geysers of flame. Thats what’s up!

Race heats will be huge with performances from rock and metal bands, and a “top heavy metal group” will cap off the event– giving the whole thing an MTV-like feel.

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