Red Bull/KTM Riders Earn Top Ten Finishes at Arlington Supercross

Supercross: 2011 Arlington Supercross

KTM Racing Press Release 

Red Bull/KTM Team riders Andrew Short and Mike Alessi both earned top ten finishes at the thirteenth round of the AMA Supercross Series held at the Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX.

Team rider Mike Alessi nailed the holeshot in the main event aboard his 350 SX-F. After earning multiple holeshots this season on his 350 SX-F Alessi’s bike was randomly chosen for a tear-down after the race. After careful evaluation the AMA concluded that Alessi’s bike was legal and he has been pulling multiple holeshots on his appropriately bored 350cc KTM.

Alessi’s teammate, Andrew Short, was not as fortunate off the start and had to fight his way up from a mid-pack beginning. “I haven’t been getting off the line quick enough. I am determined to study my starts and work on my initial jump as I know the bike is capable of getting the holeshot because I see my teammate do it all the time,” commented Short.

Just as he did in his heat, Short worked his way quickly up through the pack. From his 12th place start, he quickly moved into the top ten and by the end of the first lap was sitting in 8th. On the second lap, Short moved around Austin Stroupe to take over 7th position. He worked away closing the gap toward the top six riders for the next few laps. On the ninth lap, James Stewart and Chad Reed crashed together and Short was able to pick off one of their positions. He remained in 6th position for the remainder of the race earning valuable points toward the title chase.

Alessi, who had earned the holeshot, struggled throughout the middle of the race but came back strong near the tail end of the twenty lap main. “A lot of riders went down tonight and I was able to capitalize on their mistakes by remaining smooth and consistent,” remarked Alessi. When the checkered flag flew, Alessi had worked his way up from a low of 14th position to 10th overall.

Next Supercross Event: St. Louis, MO – April 9, 2011

Overall Results Supercross Class –

1. Trey Canard

2. Ryan Villopoto

3. Ryan Dungey

4. James Stewart

5. Kevin Windham

6. Andrew Short – KTM

7. Tommy Hahn

8. Chad Reed

9. Austin Stroupe

10. Mike Alessi – KTM

11. Weston Peick

12. Fabien Izoird

13. Chris Blose

14. Michael Byrne

15. Ivan Tedesco

16. Kyle Regal

17. Justin Brayton

18. Nick Wey

19. Cole Seely

20. Davi Millsaps

Overall Point Standings Supercross Class –

1. Ryan Villopoto – 255

2. Chad Reed – 249

3. Ryan Dungey – 248

4. Trey Canard – 239

5. James Stewart – 234

6. Andrew Short – 174

7. Kevin Windham – 150

8. Justin Brayton – 141

9. Davi Millsaps – 128

10. Ivan Tedesco – 114

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