Robbie Knievel to complete first successful Snake River Canyon Jump!

Whatever motivation tipped the scales of pursuing the concept to reality, word on the streets is that Robbie Knievel Jr is going for the big one!

A spokesman for the “kaptain” said that the lesser Knievel will be headed to Idaho for a meeting with the who’s who of Twin Falls, in hopes of garnering official support for the jump. This should be the easy part of the process, as local government and business alike have been looking for ways to translate the Knievel-connection into visitors – and of course the subsequent cha-ching that often comes with them – for years now.

Robbie Knievel is the son of the late famous stuntman Evel Knievel and his first wife Linda.

Robbie Knievel plans to complete the first successful jump of the Snake River Canyon over the Fourth of July weekend in 2011, 37 short years after the parachute in his father’s Skycycle deployed early, sending him plummeting into the canyon while millions of television viewers looked on. Let’s hope that in this case the apple Skycycle falls far from the old tree. Twin Falls spokeswoman Julie Pence pleaded the fifth when asked about the planned jump, saying, “Officials are waiting to hear Knievel’s proposal before commenting.”

Jeff Lowe said motorcycle jumper Robbie Knievel will be in Twin Falls on Monday to discuss the plan with local officials. The jump is tentatively set for the Fourth of July weekend in 2011, almost four decades after Evel Knievel’s try, Lowe said.

Evel Knievel, who died in 2007, failed to clear the chasm in 1974 in a rocket-powered “Skycycle” when the parachute malfunctioned and deployed after takeoff. Strong winds blew the cycle into the canyon, landing him close to the swirling river below.

Shawn Barigar, president of the Twin Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, told The Times-News that local government officials and business leaders have been invited to attend the private meeting with Robbie Knievel.

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