Ronnie Renner: That Rider can throw whips like no one else!

Ronnie Renner: The updside down whip man!


Yea That would be Ronnie Renner!

Ronnie Renner, one of the sickest most coolest riders out there! Known for his Insane whips and his record breaking jumps yea id say Renner has got it goin on! Taking a 250 pound Dirt Bike and going almost upside down to create what they call a whip with more upside down to it, then landing it with style thats whats up!!

But it’s the view from above that really gets Ronnie flying high; he continues to reset the bar and our expectations for what is possible once a dirt bike leaves the ground. Renner set a world record in 2007 for step-up, launching 35 feet 6 inches to best a record that had stood for many years. In 2008, he was at it again.

Plus he’s got X-Games Gold, Step World Record and Motorcycle Quarterpipe Hightest Air World Record, thats alot of records! Ronnie Renner likes going big, so he’s way up there and your like WHAT!! A veteran of the Motocross circuit, he’s also a superstar of the Freestyle Motorcross world with the media coverage to prove it.

This time, he soared nearly six stories—59 feet 2 inches—off a quarterpipe, setting another world record. At 31, Ronnie is looking forward to the next stage in his storied career: launching the careers of other riders with his “all MX” training facility.

But don’t count the Renner out. Not content to be the “trick guy,” he’s looking to push the limit of freestyle Motorcross riding with events like the X Games and the Red Bull X-Fighters. “I’m passionate about it because it’s not about the judges; it’s more about bike skills,” Renner says. “It’s dangerous, so nobody wants to do it, and it’s a very gratifying feeling to win it.”

Keep up the Awesome work Renner!!

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