Scorpion Sports Warranty/Tech Center


Kido Sports USA LLC has opened a stand-alone Warranty/Tech Center to ensure the ultimate in customer satisfaction for the popular ScorpionEXO™ products.

The new operation will be handling all warranty/tech issues, questions, and concerns for the ScorpionEXO™ brand in the United States.

scorpion sports, scorpion motorcycle helmets, scorpion helmets“We will be focusing on the grassroots of customer service, think of it as the Nordstrom’s mentality” explains Rick Miller, President of Scorpion Sports Inc. (Kido Sports is the parent company to Scorpion Sports Inc. in the U.S. as well as Scorpion Sports Europe).

“This expansion will allow Kido Sports USA LLC to focus entirely on the goal of total customer satisfaction,” Miller says. “This same goal helped the Scorpion brand achieve the #2 rating in the JD Power customer satisfaction report within its first three years of existence.

” In this process of expansion, changes have been made to our warranty procedures to better serve both the dealer and retail consumer, according to Miller.

Heading the Kido customer satisfaction project are Doug Chapman and Jeff Kang. Chapman has been overseeing the day-to-day warranty and QC operations for Scorpion Sports for the past three years serving as the in-house helmet expert and certified ScorpionEXO™ factory-trained Service Technician.

“Doug has been the base of our tech support effort in America and is uniquely qualified for his new role with Kido Sports USA,” mentions Miller.

“Jeff joins us directly from Kido Sports Korea. He was instrumental in helping establish the ScorpionEXO™ brand in Europe and has been working directly with the Kido helmet factory since the beginning.

His expertise in motorcycle helmets will continue Kido’s efforts to support the ScorpionEXO™ brand and its high standards for quality products. This new role will allow Jeff and Kido Sports to better utilize quality control and identify any foreseen problems or issues and correcting them, before they get out in the marketplace,” concludes Miller.

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