Support a Wonderful Cause for Avrie Nelms!

Support Avrie Nelms

After 15-month-old Avrie Nelms’ life-saving heart transplant, her family has experienced financial hardship.

come support Avrie’s parents, Aaron & Melissa Nelms, while celebrating Avrie’s recovery. For more on Avries journey: Visit Avrie Nelms

Avrie’s CaringBridge website is made possible through donations. Join the 2 donors who made a donation to CaringBridge in tribute to Avrie. Your contribution ensures your loved one receives love, encouragement and hope through their CaringBridge experience.

This will be held at the Quaker Steak & Lube Polaris / 8500 / Columbus OH 43240. Saturday, November 6th / 8 p.m.- 11 p.m. Also there will be a Live & Silent Auction, T-shirts, Live Performance by Pocket Fishermen and More!

To all you Motorcycle Enthusiasts in Columbus Ohio Come on down to Quaker Steak & Lube Polaris to support Avrie Nelms!

Visit Avrie’s website. As most know, Avrie needs a new heart. Her heart is failing fast. She is able to maintain life with the use of several round the clock medications (currently 8.) She is on a ventilator and has a feeding tube.

The wait for a new heart can be 1-6 mos., but we are praying for sooner. She is still strong and in relatively good shape. The sooner the heart arrives, the better chance of success this adorable little girl will have. Avrie is a fighter. She’s stubburn and strong. She will make it. This family needs continued prayers from all of you please.

The Design: The heart represents the heart that was donated. The shield is to protect the heart that she’s been given. And, the wings are in hopes she soars and lives a happy, healthy life!


Also Check Out Troys Custom Tees For a Team Avrie T-shirt! Proceeds from your purchase goes towards helping the Nelms family with these bills and you get a really cool shirt out of helping a great cause!

Avrie’s Parents Thank You from the bottom of their hearts!!!

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