Husqvarna: 2011 Husqvarna TC449 Dirt Bike Motorcycle


The design of the new 449 outstrips that of other off road models and stands out immediately for its looks, exclusive layout and cutting-edge technology.

Husqvarna TC449, Husqvarna Motorcycles, Motorcycles, Husqvarna Dirt BikesDESIGN AND LAYOUT

The line is completely new: slim, svelte and refined. The single piece side panel runs from where traditionally the fuel tank would be, all the way back to the rear mudguard, allowing the rider free and unhindered movement.

There is no chance of snagging boots or pants on the edges of the panels with this design.

Besides the aesthetic and ergonomic aspects, the new design also makes maintenance easier as the air filter, rear shock and throttle body can all be accessed with ease.

The long seat, which runs from the rear mudguard to the steering head, offers completely free longitudinal movement.


The idea behind the TC 449 is ‘mass centralisation’ – to keep the weight of the bike concentrated as close as possible to the centre of gravity and to design a chassis which adapts perfectly to the demands of competitive Enduro racing.

This solution, which Husqvarna calls CTS (Coaxial Traction System), eliminates the variation in the length of the chain during rear suspension movement, minimising the effect of the final drive on the bikes handling. This solution allows a longer swing arm whilst still retaining a wheelbase similar to our competitors, ensuring greater traction, which for Enduro means tangible advantages.

The chassis layout allows the modern DOHC engine to be mounted closer to the centre of the bike, whilst tilting the cylinder further forward allows a long and straight air intake path at the same time as keeping the centre of gravity as low as possible.

Husqvarna: 2011 Husqvarna TC449 Dirt Bike Motorcycle