2012 Husqvarna TC250 Dirt Bike

Husqvarna’s TC250 receives another overhaul for 2012, bringing it another step closer to track supremacy.

husqvarna, 2012 husqvarna, 2012 husqvarna motorcycle, husqvarna dirt bikes, 2012 husqvarna tc250, dirt bikes, motorcyclesThe motocross/GP race-inspired bike boasts bigger power, better handling and a dose of F1 race technology, ensuring that the TC250 will be a force to be reckoned with in 2012!

Husqvarna TC250: Developed at world championship level

The return of Husqvarna to the MX World Championship has already produced its first results. The experience gained at the World MX2 Championship has now been incorporated into the new Husqvarna 2012 model TC250.

The collaboration between the factory R&D technicians and the Ricci Racing team led to the development of important updates, which bring the TC250 to the top of its category.

Both to the engine a real jewel at only 22 kg! – and the mechanical design, and all modifications which will be immediately appreciated by riders of every level and experience. Just try it.

The 2012 Husqvarna TC250 was completely revamped to exploit the experience gained during the European MX2 motocross championship by the Official Team. The bike has been radically redesigned, both as regards the engine and mechanical aspects. The engine has electronic fuel injection, with a Mikuni THB 45mm diameter batteryless throttle body.

To boost power at low and medium revs the air intake and exhaust systems have been redesigned and a nylon air intake has been introduced to the line between the filter housing and throttle body. The engine crank-casings have been modified and strengthened in the area near the attachment to the frame and the engine is protected by a new, more shock resistant, material.

2012 Husqvarna TC250 Dirt Bike