The Motorcycle we have all been waiting for! The TRON Motorcycle

tron motorcycle

Tron the movie


A year ago, it was the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty that lit up the Comic Con convention in San Diego. This year, the hell-on-wheels fave choice was a cycle from the new Tron movie, displayed at the show last week.

Disney made the breakthrough Tron back in 1982. Not a great movie, but stunning in terms of its effects at the time.

Now comes the sequel, TRON:Legacy, which is due in theaters in December and a cycle from the movie was one of the big eye catchers among the comic book fans.

This Tron Motorcycle has a frame that fits both under and over he outstretched rider. That rider must feel like a finger on a glove. Of course, we expect it plays prominently in the video game that accompanies the movie.

Powered by the buyer’s choice of a 1000cc gasoline engine or high-powered electric motor, the bikes will have custom-built 22-inch hubless wheels, and the builder even promises to include an authentic Tron helmet. You’ll have to put together that lit-up fire suit yourself, a small price to pay for this dazzling authenticity.

Each of the five Tron Motorcycle one-of-a-kind collector’s items will have a different accent color in either red, blue, yellow, green, or orange, and the famed custom motorcycle builders at Parker Brothers Choppers say they can put this monster together for you within a couple of months. Order now — bidding starts at $35,000 — and by the time the movie hits theaters, you’ll already have been riding your new lightcycle for a couple of months.

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