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The 2010 Vegas 8-Ball by Victory Motorcycle's

Victory Motorcycles: 2010 Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle

The 2010 Victory Vegas® 8-Ball Motorcycle is just plain Raw American Muscle. Pure American Value.™ You won’t see it coming. It creeps in like a ghost and sends dark custom shivers down your spine. The Vegas® 8-Ball has blacked-out bars and wheelsand a blacked-out 100-cubic-inch Freedom® V-Twin Engine, giving it a stealth-like appeal.

Victory, Vegas, 8-BALL, Motorcycle

Victory Motorcycles

For cruising on Main Street or cruising across state lines, the Vegas® 8-Ball provides a fantastic experience. Find out more about its features, specifications, pricing, comparisons, reviews, videos, images, brochures, downloads, and locate your nearest dealer that has the Victory Vegas® 8-Ball Motorcycle.

Victory Motorcycles took a thorough look over the Vegas models before calling them 2010 model years and the fact is they didn’t had much to improve in the engine and tranny department.

As a result, you’ll find the 2010 Victory Vegas Motorcycle being powered by the same consecrated, counter-balanced 100 ci / 1,634 cc, 4-stroke, 50° V-Twin engine, also called Freedom.

The 85 horsepower and 106 ft-lb of torque motor is mated to a six-speed overdrive transmission on the simple Vegas and to a five-speed transmission on the new Vegas 8-Ball model. Basically, this last one is nothing more than a demonstration of power (or muscle, if you will) and it will most likely get to be ridden down the boulevards rather than on highways.

Victory, Vegas, 8-BALL, Motorcycle

The Vegas 8-Ball Engine

For 2010, the seat of the new Vegas Victory Motorcycle has been lowered with 1.4 inches and it is now found at 25.2 inches from the ground, just like on the Vegas 8-Ball.

On both models, the footpegs have been brought 2.25 inches closer to the rider, while the Vegas gets 2-inch pull-back handlebars.

Given these changes, we’re expecting a rather comfortable riding position and can’t wait to actually get on one.

Like on all 2010 Victory Motorcycle models, you get electronic fuel injection and belt final drive, while chassis engineers can brag about the 43 mm diameter conventional forks offering 5.1 in /130 mm of travel and a single, mono-tube gas capable of 3.0 in/76 mm travel and working together with a preload adjustable spring.

Looking at the eye-catching rims, it’s hard to spot the brakes, but the 300 mm floating rotor with 4-piston caliper at the front and 300mm floating rotor with 2-piston caliper at the back aren’t there to look nice, but to actually provide the needed stopping power in all riding situations.

More soon to come!

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